Woman Adds Ice Cubes to Her Laundry For a Genius Reason



Who enjoys ironing? No, seriously….

We’re all either too busy, too lazy or simply can’t be bothered to spend that extra 10mins standing on one spot swiping our hand around, passing the iron back and forth on a piece of clothing. So our fairy godmother said…NO MORE IRONING.

Take two cubes of ice (I don’t mean three to five,….two) and toss them into the dryer with the time wasting wrinkled set of clothes. Set the dryer on high heat.

As the laundry tosses around, the heat generates steam from the melted cubes and that’s when the magic happens. The wand, I mean, the steam removes the creases and you can safely say goodbye to the days of ironing.
Give the iron for your secret Santa gift exchange this coming year to that awful office colleague.

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