How Healthy Might Coconut Oil Be?

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 1:21pm by Yam

More and more, coconut oil is gaining popularity. People are opting to use this product because of some interesting facts. This oil is special as it is unique; it’s true that using coconut oil regularly provides six main advantages when incorporated into your healthy life menus.

1. Coconut Oil can lead to weight loss


By now we’ve all heard about the dangers of saturated fats to humans. On the contrary, Coconut Oil is a beneficial saturated fat because it contains medium chain triglycerides better known as MCT. Other than combating obesity, MCT is easily digestible hence causing energy spikes because of direct messages sent to the liver. It’s proven that calories are not just calories, there are good as there are bad calories. Therefore the more MCT you consume the more fat you burn; it’s estimated that persons on a 30 gram MCT diet will burn approximately 120 extra calories