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Sep 20 2016
by Yam |
Comments Off on Believe it or Not These 18 Giant Animals Exist!

We know for a fact that animals do exist! In fact, their existence reminds of our existence. Unfortunately, some of them are not being documented. But this article will tell you the amazing 18 huge pets that are being documented by their owners and by the Guinness book of records. Jaw droopingly, they really do exist! // 1. The Longest Snake in Captivity: 25ft 2in, 30lbs The longest snake ever captured is Medusa, a reticulated python (python reticulatus), and is closely-held by Full Moon Productions Inc. Kansas City, Missouri, USA....

Jun 09 2016
by admin |
Comments Off on 5 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning

Think about our world for a second in its entirety. What makes it truly beautiful? Yes, the trees, rivers, flowers, animals are all special…but nothing surpasses humanity in all its glory Have you noticed the new trend in the media?  Everything seems to be negative. How can we enjoy our days after reading about bombings here, shootings there, killings…it all becomes too much.  Just stop a second! The world has so much good to offer as well. One of the greatest things about this planet is us. Yes, we, the human race. Take...

Jun 09 2016
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Comments Off on 10 Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Sitting at your desk all day long at work may be affecting you. // 10. Change Your Chair If you have improper back support or your chair is not aligned you should consider adjusting it. Worn out chairs tend to be leading perpetrators of this. // ...

May 03 2016
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Comments Off on ’80s Toys That Are Worth A Ton Today

Tamagotchi’s were the coolest thing in junior high. // When you were bored in class, all you had to do was pull out this little game and your day would be saved. It was hooked to a key chain and small enough to be carried anywhere. Good luck finding one however. If you do, you can expect to get around $589 for it. // ...