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Jan 31 2017
by Yam |
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Up first, we’ve got this beauty known for its strong acceleration and very responsive handling. This year’s model has been completely redesigned with 228 horsepower, a luxurious interior, and an EPA fuel economy rating of 26 mpg (22 city/32 highway). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1. 2017 BMW X1 xDrive28i Pros: 1st in its class for cargo capacity; quickest and most agile among its competitors; highest quality interior, build quality and attention to minute detail. Cons: The X1’s sporty personality...

When it comes to buying a car, reliability is always one of the overriding features if not the foremost. There are still a number of people who look at their cars as an hefty investment that needs to last a long time and more than that, hold its value. Modern car buyers would prefer to drive a new model every two or three years, but there are a number of cars we can find that will keep going after the 250,000 miles milestone. There are a number of models from different manufacturers, that will give you longevity over the 250k mark. Here...

May 04 2016
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Subaru ranks high among thrill seekers and outdoor customers. // // 10. Buy Subaru With impeccably designed all-wheel drive capabilities, the tricky surfaces of intense winters are no longer a problem. With various models available to suit any taste and budget, you will no doubt fall in love with the Subaru.// // ...