Alternative Natural Cancer Therapies

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 2:04pm by Yam

Cancer is a bad word and it’s incredible that 1 in 3 people in the US and Europe are likely to suffer from it. In fact this ratio is moving towards 1 in 2. We probably all know someone who has been affected by this horrific disease. So we’ve put together some effective natural treatments that can help prevent or could aid in curing cancer.

Gerson Therapy


Here’s someone we should all learn about – Dr Max Gerson. Considered by many as a true genius and lead destroyer of cancer. His inspired methodology has seems to have cured hundreds of cancer patients. Gerson therapy has proven itself time and again and it’s a very simple ethos.

The premise is the body itself is capable of repairing itself and can cure itself if it’s given the tools it needs. So by taking massive nutrient input action Gerson boosts the immune system to such a degree it will fight off any disease or ailment including cancer, arthritis and other diseases. Best of all he seems to have proven it by aiding hundreds of patients.

It’s a complete lifestyle change and requires dedication and consistency. The Gerson diet is based around organic raw plant and fruit matter and ingesting it in through drinking juices several times a day, further taking Vitamin C and eating beef liver (delivers B12 naturally). But when we say massive action we really mean it. The amount of juicing of fruit and veg could be in excess of 10kg a day of organic fruits and vegetables.

So what does this achieve? The raw juices (at least 13 half pint cups a day) provide the pure phyto-nutrients in their most pristine form to the body, which if taken in large enough quantities enable the body to fight off almost anything including cancer. This is topped up with high doses of Vitamin C which further boost immune efficiency and yep, cancer does not like Vitamin C (The Vitamin C is usually delivered intravenously in high potency levels).

This all works towards helping the liver revive and work efficiently once again and providing life giving oxygenation to the body.

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