8 Weird but Nutritious Fermented Foods

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 7:55am by Yam

It is natural for us to look for any possible way just to prolong the life of a certain food. And that’s when the role of fermentation comes into play. It is the process used for centuries just to extend the life of a certain foods and rid microbes that would contaminate and cause spoiling of the food and thus harm us. It’s the process of fermentation that gives us beer and yogurt. And did you know that foods that are properly fermented are unbelievably useful to us, especially for our digestive process? Moreover fermented foods can re-constitute healthy gut bacteria thus delivering your body natural probiotics. Examples of these fermented foods are below. It may look weird to you but believe me, they are all highly nutritious.

8. Sauerkraut


Fundamentally, fermented cabbage is rich in vitamins C, B, and K especially when it is finely shredded. You’ll find it packed full of beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus, leuconostoc, and pediococcus. This will help it keep over the Winter, sauerkraut came about through the needs of the people to preserve food through colder climates. It is a well-known traditional provincial food in Germany. Saurkraut is essentially torn up cabbage soaked in unrefined salt, once limp and moistened sufficiently it is held in a container for 6 months and left to ferment.

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