6 Wonderful Foods to Speed up Your Metabolism

A healthy metabolism is key in controlling your weight and feeling good overall. Who likes to feel bloated or stuffed for too long after eating?

Why not boost your body’s digestion?

Why not speed up the rate at which you are able to take in the goodness from your food?

Here are a few tips in the form of great foods to include in your diet to keep your metabolic rates in check:

1. Lemons

Lemon will make a great addition to any diet. It not only cleanses, it regulates pH levels and restores natural balance to the body. Here’s a great tip: have a drink of warm lemon water first thing every morning and you will notice a guaranteed improvement in your overall health in just a couple of weeks. Try lemon in salad dressings instead of vinegar. Squeeze a dash of lemon juice in your drinks for that extra boost to your metabolism.

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