5 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning

Think about our world for a second in its entirety. What makes it truly beautiful? Yes, the trees, rivers, flowers, animals are all special…but nothing surpasses humanity in all its glory

Have you noticed the new trend in the media?  Everything seems to be negative. How can we enjoy our days after reading about bombings here, shootings there, killings…it all becomes too much. 

Just stop a second! The world has so much good to offer as well. One of the greatest things about this planet is us. Yes, we, the human race. Take a look at these breathtaking photos capturing just how magical we are.

1. The Eagle Huntress

 Here is 13-year-old Ashol Pan, an eagle huntress from Mongolia. Yes, we said it, an eagle huntress! She spends her time hunting these ferocious birds, hares and even the foxes.

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