5 Exceptionally Delicious and Rare Fruits

Cupuacu (Theobroma grandiflorum) is a tropical fruit native to the Amazon and surrounding areas. It can be found mainly in Colombia, northern Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and several other parts of South America. It comes from the family of the cocoa pod, which can be seen from its appearance. It is brown with a hard exterior and a white soft, sweet interior, also reminiscent of cocoa, but with fruity traces similar to pineapple or melon. Like cocoa fruits, it grows to around 8 inches in length and weighs sometimes up to 2 kg. 


1. Cupuacu


There are several uses for cupuacu which have caused it to gain popularity recently. It can be used as food and topically among other things. 

It is used in smoothies, sometimes in baking.

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