3 Easy and Effective Natural Detox Methods

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 11:50am by Yam

If you’re feeling sluggish, your mood is a little off or you’re suffering from bad sleep. It might be that your body needs a bit of a service. The best pick me up is to detox and cleanse yourself from the inside. Letting the body flush out toxins and by ingesting high quality nutrients you’ll feel better in no time with more energy, clearer thinking, better skin and you’ll probably shed extra unwanted pounds. Here are the 3 most effective simple detox methods.

Juice Diet


Whatever we put in our body will surely affect our health in some way. So welcome to the World of Juicing, it’s an incredible way to flush out toxins by drinking a whole variety of juice combinations to achieve different results. It is better to make a plan when choosing a juice diet. Plan at least seven days’ worth and you can then already identify the possible effect of a juice diet because seven days is enough time to eliminate the toxins inside your body.