15 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Don’t Know

Posted on Jan 27 2017 - 2:24pm by new

We tend to think that eating fish is very healthy, especially cold water ones like salmon because of high omega-3 content. The omega-3 essential fatty acids found in saltwater fish come from a diet of deep-water plankton and smaller fish. Farm-raised species don’t have high omega-3 content. This is because farmed fish are usually fed an unnatural diet.

13. Farmed Fish


They are also contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and other cancer causing substances. These farmed fish have been shown to have higher levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a group of industrial chemicals. Synthetic pigments (canthaxanthans) are often added to the fish just to get it its pink colour, while in the wild it happens completely naturally.

Wild-caught fish are still definitely the best choice. Though nowadays even wild-caught fish can be contaminated with chemicals like mercury, due to sea pollution. To read more about what kind of fish is safe and what fish is the most contaminated, click here.